Arizona's Most Scenic Road Bike Rides: Tucson's Best Cycling Rides - Tucson Bike Rentals
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The ride is up and down, down and up with great thrills to be had in between. Accidents happen here as many cyclists fail to control their speeds. Even worse are some accidents that happen with tourists who stop their cars in the middle of the road around hairpin turns. Ouch!



Cycling Saguaro National Park – 9.5 Mile Loop Ride




Road Biking Lemmon – Major Climb – 26 Miles Up


Mt. Lemmon is Arizona’s quintessential road biking climb ride. Lemmon provides a rare combination of sustained climbing, excellent road surface, spectacular vistas, and importantly, an escape from the 100+ summer temps in Tucson. One of the best parts of Lemmon is that it a world class climb right in our backyard. Its an easy ride to the base from anywhere in town. If you are so inclined you can ride Lemmon every day. You can make a quick trip to Molino Basin before work, or you can grind up to Windy Point after work to catch the sunset. Not just Arizona best road biking climb ride, Mount Lemmon to many is considered the most scenic ride of anywhere in the USA because of landscape variations. More…



Cycling Saguaro West – Gates Pass/McCain Loop


This ride goes through both urban and scenic views within Saguaro National Park and can begin in various locations to make the ride shorter or longer. The portion within the park is made up of a variety of climbs and winding roads, which can prove challenging. We recommend caution when riding this route during the tourism season. For most of the ride, there is no edge. Road bike Saguaro West and you will feel like you are going back in time to the American Old West. The sunsets are spectacular. More…



Road Biking Madera Canyon – Green Valley


Madera is one of the crown jewels of Arizona road bike climbs. Pros will use this 12 mile climb from the base located at La Posada Java in Green Valley as a warm-up for Mount Lemmon. Make it to the top and you will be at just over 5200 feet with dazzling views and a scintillating downhill ride to finish. Even better, Madera has low traffic and is one of the safest Tucson area rides. For cycling climbing enthusiasts, Madera Canyon is a “must do” ride. More…



Cycling Picture Rocks Bike Ride


The Picture Rocks ride has some awesome desert scenery and some breath taking views as well as a couple short “breath-taking” climbs. More…



Amado to Arivaca to Sasabe Century Ride


Those of us who are Tucson area locals know some of the best “off the beaten path” road biking adventures and this is one of them! Depending on the amount of miles you want to ride, you can start in Green Valley to enjoy a 60 plus mile day, or you can park near the Cow Palace in Amado and do a 46 mile round trip. You will get some good climb on this ride as Amado starts at a hair over 3,000 feet and you will climb higher than 3600 feet before you descend into Arivaca. Only do this ride early morning on the weekend. More…


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