Road Biking Tucson's Saguaro National Park East
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What The Bike Bandit Says…


“This a SPECTACULAR up and down, intense, scenic 9.5 mile loop ride. Word of advice: bike this route early or very late in the day/night when the tourists are gone. I love biking Saguaro during the summer when everyone is gone. Accidents happen here between the cyclists and motorists. I see more rattle snakes and turtles here than almost any other place. I love it! When you get done, check out Saguaro Corners Restuarant and Bar. Great digs. Ok food and plenty of cold beer.”


Jason, The Bike Bandit Jason, The Bike Bandit



Dificulty: Easy

Average time: 1.25

Ride Mileage: 1-20 miles

Climbing Elevation: 1-20 miles

Type of ride: Rolling

Road/Mountain: Rolling




Saguaro East is a 9.5 mile loop of up and down thrills!

Tucson Road Biking: Saguaro East is a 9.5 mile loop of up and down thrills!

Road Biking Tucson’s Saguaro National Park East


CYCLING TUCSON, Arizona – Warning: Accidents occur here. It is not uncommon for tourists to stop in the middle of the road on a blind corner.


Some of the best wildlife of Tucson is to be seen here: lizards, snakes, turtles, javelina. Be on the lookout and enjoy a really special part of Tucson.


Mountain Biking in Saguaro East


For hikers, there is a big trail system in the Saguaro National Park East. Unfortunately mountain bikes are not allowed on the trails except for one small section within the Cactus Forest Trail. Ask the ranger for directions. This section makes for a great out-and-back. Done multiple times you can certainly get in a great workout.


Recommended: Many Tucson road bikers bike this loop multiple times and/or bike out to Colossal Cave. Or, head out north on spacious roads and go out to towards the Catalinas and road bike part of Mount Lemmon.


Saguaro East of Tucson is one of our signature road bike rides. This is an intensive 9.5 mile loop ride that gives you a fantastic workout while enjoying the great old west scenery. Bike this area early morning and near sunrise to get the best views and to have the least amount of interaction with traffic.


NOTE: Saguaro East is a national park and does require a small fee to enter the park.


Our friend Ken here has taken a very cool video road biking Tucson’s Saguaro East National Park.



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