Best Tucson Road Biking Climbs: Mount Graham
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Road Cycling Mount Graham: Arizona’s Steepest and Most Difficult Ride

The road up Mount Graham is one of the most challenging in the US.

Cycling Mount Graham: The road up Mount Graham is one of the most challenging in the US.


The climb is steep, long, and only recommendable for those cyclists who are in great condition. Mount Graham’s cycling route uphill is in a continuous zig-zag, and because of this and the steep incline it has been labelled one of the top 15 toughest climbs in the U.S. according to the book “A Guide to Cycling, Climbing, and the Most Difficult Climbs in the United States.” You climb 5,981 feet in 20 miles!


Because this is the toughest bike climb in all of Arizona, professionals from the state and country train here regularly. On a usual day, you can run into The University of Arizona Cycling Team while they’re training.


If you’re a professional and are ready to try your skills, this Arizona road cycling route waits for you! But we do have some warnings to heed your way: be careful with the downhill ride, as there are inconsistencies in the road, and come prepared as there are no bike shops nearby.


What The Bike Bandit Says…

“Mount Graham is indeed a tough, intense uphill ride. Many of us shy away from it because the road in parts is a bit iffy. I prefer Mount Lemmon because of the consistency of the road.”

Jason, The Bike Bandit


Road Biking Mount Graham: Rents and Delivers Road Bikes


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Mountain Bike Tucson! — Bike Delivery to Mountain Cycling Trails


There is a two-rider minimum for all bike deliveries, but don’t let that rule deter you. We’re super chill with all other requirements and requests you have (well, most of them anyways!). You can bike for 1 to 5 hours, finish riding whenever you want, and we pick up the bikes. No need to worry about loading mountain bikes in your rental car.


Price is generally $100 per bike– depending on the location of the trailhead. Don’t know where to ride, and Mount Graham seems too hard for you to try just yet? Don’t worry, offers other routes and group rides that range from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Cyclists of all the spectrum can have a great adventure in Arizona! Click here for more information about our services.

About an hour East of Tucson on I-10, just South of Stafford, Arizona, sits Mount Graham. Although it is a beautiful ride, cycling Mount Graham is one of the most challenging road biking routes in the U.S.

Difficulty: Hard

Average time: 01:20

Ride Mileage: 21 to 40 miles

Climbing Elevation: 6181

Type of ride: Climb

Road/Mountain: Road

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