Road Biking Old Sonoita Highway Ride From Tucson
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What The Bike Bandit Says…


“Old Sonoita Highway is a peaceful, tranquil up and down ride. Not terribly popular. IF you do this ride, grab something to eat at the Vail Steakhouse just 10 minutes away. DO NOT let anyone convince you to bike on the shoulderless highway 83 ride to Sonoita. This road is a death trap for cyclists.”


Jason, The Bike Bandit Jason, The Bike Bandit


Caption: The six mile Old Sonoita Highway is a peaceful ride.

Road Biking Sonoita: The six mile Old Sonoita Highway is a peaceful ride. There is very little traffic on this stretch.

Dificulty: Moderate

Average time: 04:30:00 AM

Ride Mileage: 41 to 60 miles

Climbing Elevation: 1,737 ft

Type of ride: Rolling

Road/Mountain: Road




ROAD BIKING SONOITA, Arizona – Old Sonoita Highway offers a six mile section that is a sweet, tranquil area on the Southeast side of Tucson near Vail.    You get some slight uphill, a roller and this is an enjoyable stretch.  If you are a mountain biker, this is an okay morning ride before you hit the neighboring Arizona Trail.


Road Cyclists: Do Not Cycle To Sonoita on Highway 83


Under no circumstances, should you consider biking Highway 83 to Sonoita, Arizona. This road, sadly, has no shoulder and is highly dangerous for cyclists. It is one of the most dangerous roads that cyclists regularly take when coming to Arizona. Locals who know this area avoid this ride. Unfortunately, there are national road biking tour companies who put their riders on this very dangerous highway at the chagrin of local law enforcement.


Take your car down this road and enjoy the beauty. There are some cool wineries in Sonoita.


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