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Oro Valley, Arizona is the premier place to start any road or mountain biking adventure. Just north of Tucson, Oro Valley boasts the cleanest roads with 79 miles of paved trail, paths, and bike lanes. This is a place for great road bike rides for beginners (and to you professionals out there reading this, we can assure you’ll find these biking routes enjoyable, too).


Cycling Through Oro Valley, Arizona


Ready for some Arizona cycling nirvana? For road bike rides beginners, the Oro Valley is one of the greatest Arizona destinations. The routes near the Oro Valley are filled with scenic panoramas that will make your biking experience to another level. And to pair up with that, Oro Valley is one of the safest cycling destinations in the United States. That’s why we’re proud to call it home of the greatest road bike rides for beginners.


Laying in the Oro Valley is the Old West town, which has been featured in hundreds of Hollywood’s old western films. Cycling through the town and the surrounding Tucson areas will give you historic views to complement that biking workout. Normally, these Tucson and Oro Valley routes are kept a secret among professional road cyclists and mountain bikers. But we say… to heck with the pros! Tucson is awesome, and road and mountain biking is for anyone.


If you’re looking for an incredible experience while riding a bike, you’ve come to the right place. We got answers for you.


Tucson’s Cycling Heaven for Beginners And Casual Cyclists: Biking Oro Valley


Just north of Tucson, Oro Valley is perhaps the best place in all of Arizona for riders of any level to enjoy. There are 79 miles of routes, paths, and signed roads that cut and wind through the Arizona landscape.


What makes this area great is the lack of steep inclines or steep declines, the great weather, and the lack of heavy traffic. Road biking and mountain biking in these conditions are ideal—it’s just you on the road, with nature and no distractions!


The 40 miler of El Tour de Tucson starts in Oro Valley, validating this clean, upscale community next to the Catalina Mountains as a premier American cycling destination and the best area in Tucson –and Arizona, for that matter– to start a biking vacation. Just to prove our point, we’ll leave you with this tidbit: cyclists that retire go to Oro Valley, Arizona, more than any other city in the Southwest. Maybe this is because Oro Valley and the Tucson area have more than just the greatest road bike rides. There is a ton of sightseeing, hiking, and restaurants to complement your cycling.


Get to know cycling in Tucson and the Oro Valley by checking out a few biking trails and road cycling routes below.


AT A GLANCE– Oro Valley Cycling Resources

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