Road Biking Oro Valley| Cyclists love Saddlebrooke's Roads
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Gabe Zimmerman Davidson Canyon Trailhead – Vail, Arizona Tucson Bike Rentals|Bicycle Rentals Oro Valley ArizonaDifficulty: Moderate

Average time: 02:00

Ride Mileage: 21 to 40 miles

Climbing Elevation: 1,313 ft

Type of ride: Rolling

Road/Mountain: Road



Best Road Biking in Oro Valley: Saddlebrooke’s Clean Road Cycling Route


Saddlebrooke, a golf community nestled in the Oro Valley, offers some of the best road cycling routes for road biking lovers. Oro Valley is often featured in cycling magazines in the top 10 lists for cycling routes, and us Tucson locals consider Saddlebrooke to have one of the best road biking routes in Tucson. This area offers an easy and scenic biking ride for cyclists, and that is why it’s one of our favorite leisure rides in the Oro Valley.


The breathtaking road to Saddlebrooke begins with a steady climb that takes you up to the summit of Oracle Road. Cycling pros and biking beginners will find something to enjoy riding down Oracle Road: the main road down Saddlebrooke offers a wide bike lane and gorgeous suburban views. Because of the wide lanes, cyclists don’t have to worry about incoming traffic and can cruise safely.


Cycling Saddlebrooke – Ride Your Bike with Safety on the Route


Our only warning for this area, apart from the traditional “always be mindful of your surroundings”, is the following: watch out for debris. There can be occasional debris on Oracle Road. And so we recommend that you keep an eye on the route as you cycle and enjoy the views. On some sections of Oracle Road, you will find rumble strips that will rattle your bike silly if you cycle over them. While these aren’t real threats, they’re a tad annoying so we also recommend you keep an eye out and avoid them to not be startled.


For more information about Saddlebrooke, you can click here. Saddlebrooke is part of the Robson Communities, gorgeous developments that offer great roads and leisure cyclist. Bike any of their developments and you will really enjoy yourself. Our second favorite, right after Saddlebrooke, is Green Valleys Quail Creek.


What The Bike Bandit Says…


“Saddlebrooke has about 26 miles of perfectly paved, wide roads that are great for bikers of all types. Saddlebrooke enjoys a great reputation as a golf community, but cyclists love this area for fun, leisure biking. Bring your kids and enjoy splendid beauty and stress-free biking.”

Jason, The Bike Bandit


Enjoy the Best Road Biking in Oro Valley: Rents and Delivers Road Bikes


Tucson Bike Rentals and Tours delivers and picks up carbon rental road bikes to all of Oro Valley, including gorgeous Saddlebrooke. We are the official Tucson, Arizona bicycle rental arm for the Arizona Bicycle Association. When cycling Oro Valley, we personally recommend that you only rent from the best.


Mountain Bike Tucson: Bike Delivery to Cycling Trails!


You can bike from 1 to 5 hours, finish riding, and we pick up the bikes! You no longer have to worry about loading mountain bikes into your rental car. Our only condition is that there is a two-rider minimum per delivery. Our prices are generally $100 per bike, depending on the location of the trailhead.


Don’t know where to ride? offers rides that are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We not only deliver mountain bikes to Tucson, Oro Valley, Green Valley and the Southern, Arizona area, we also offer guided tours and trail recommendations.

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