Saguaro National Park Biking | Tucson, Arizona
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Dificulty: Easy

Average time: 1.25

Ride Mileage: 1-20 miles

Climbing Elevation: 648

Type of ride: Rolling

Road/Mountain: Road


Saguaro East is a 9.5 mile loop of up and down thrills!

Saguaro East is a 9.5 mile loop of up and down thrills!

ROAD BIKING, TUCSON, Arizona – Saguaro National Park, also known as the “Loop Ride” is one of our classic road bike rides enjoyed by serious armatures to the novice. The park is the most scenic and thrilling short ride in all of Tucson that winds through a cactus forest to the base of the Rincon Mountains. This is a 9.5 mile loop ride that will get your heart pumping.


The ride is up and down, down and up with great thrills to be had in between. Accidents happen here as many cyclists fail to control their speeds. Even worse are some accidents that happen with tourists who stop their cars in the middle of the road around hairpin turns. Ouch!


The rich vegetation is home to all kinds of desert critters from deer to javelina, lizards and snakes. Ride with caution and enjoy this.


Many cyclists start here, do a few laps then head down south to Colossal Cave. The ride to Colossal Cave is a really fun, safe ride with a spacious shoulder.


NOTE: The Saguaro National Park is a national park and does require a small fee for entry. If you are from out of town and too cheap to pay, wait for a local with an annual pass and ride in with them to avoid the $5 fee. The locals with annual passes can get two cyclists in per pass.


What The Bike Bandit Says…


“I cannot get enough of this ride. Many of us will ride this four and five times just for the intense up and downs. Scenery is incredible. Ride this early or very late in the day. Cycling accidents are unfortunately common here.”


Jason, The Bike Bandit Jason, The Bike Bandit


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