Tucson's Most Dangerous Routes: Cycling Rides We Do Not Like - Tucson Bike Rentals
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Road Biking Tucson to Sonoita – Dangerous Tucson Cycling


This is often a favorite of national bike tours who stroll into our town. You will ride white knuckled with no edge and many blind spots. Check out our video to learn why this is a accident lawyer’s dream ride.


Road biking Highway 83 to Sonoita, Arizona is one of the most dangerous and ill-advised cycling routes we can name.

There are no shoulders on this road and motorists travel at high speeds. Motorists are greeted with frequent blinds spots on this very narrow highway. More…



Gates Pass McCain Loop Bike Ride or better know as “The Tuesday Group Ride” – Tucson, Arizona


We recommend this for experienced riders only. For almost the entire ride, cyclists ride without an edge and face blind spots going up Gates Pass. We do like this ride as an early morning ride during non-tourist season. More…



Oracle Road to Catalina


This is not so much a dangerous ride as it is annoying. Cyclists suffer lots of flats here. This is a crowded Oro Valley highway, but you get a lot of shoulder. Shards of steel and glass are prevalent. Oro Valley is the best place to ride in Tucson, but Oracle Road is a spot we avoid. Have your flat protection tires!



Best Tucson Road Biking: El Tour de Tucson Bike Route


This is an aaaaawesome ride DURING the spectacular El Tour de Tucson event when the roads are all closed. However, this route puts cyclists in the path of too much city traffic. There are much better century rides to be had in Tucson. Ride the Amado to Arivaca to Sasabe century ride and really, really enjoy an intense climb and a fun ride to the Mexican border. There is great coffee in Arivaca as well as Arizona’s oldest bar. The burgers are killer. Also, Arivaca is a great place to meet, well, interesting people. More…



Road Biking Marsh Station – Avoid This Tucson Ride


Avoid this. This road has not been maintained in years and has glaring potholes. It is a great place to lose your fillings, though. More…


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