Tucson Bike Rentals Cancellation Policy| Alien Abductions
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Cancellation Policy

Re-Scheduling Reservations


We know things change! You may reschedule reservations by texting us at 520-260-8293.


Extraordinary Times/Covid Policy Credit Policy


We are very mindful of the crazy and extraordinary times we are going through. Should you come down with Covid or have a flight canceled as a result of an airline or government restriction that prohibits you from coming to Tucson, we will provide you with a THREE YEAR credit for future bookings, less 20 percent administrative fee, that starts from the first day of your rental period.


Cancellation Policies – READ


Bicycles are in very high demand during these extraordinary times. As the last full service bicycle rental company left in Tucson, our bikes are in extraordinary demand and we have to control our inventory. We have to continuously turn cyclists away throughout the season as we are often sold out. Tucson bike shops have stopped renting bikes because of the shortages. We only want customers who are serious about biking to be booking. When you reserve a bike, we are contractually obligated to provide you with our service and product. Once you book and your credit card goes through, the bike is now reserved for you and pulled from inventory. Bikes booked and paid for cannot be rented by others. There is no penalty for booking last minute. If we have the inventory, we will rent. Our cancellation policies are designed to protect all parties involved while serving serious cyclists who want and need our bikes.


Cancellation Policy: Please Read


You can cancel up to 10 days in advance (See below for EL Tour de Tucson, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring road bike exceptions) for all bikes with only a 20 percent re-stock/administrative fee for all canceled bookings. This restock fee is for all cancellations regardless of circumstances – deaths in families, illness, flights rescheduled, alien abductions, bad hair day, cats kicking the bucket etc. IF you have a flight issue we will do our best to accommodate you. This restock fee covers booking fees, credit card processing fees and administrative time. THERE IS NO CANCELLATION REFUNDS FOR RESERVATIONS WITH LESS THAN 10 DAYS NOTICE.


IF you are not sure about your biking needs, wait until you know. We want our bikes rented to serious customers.


How to cancel?


Text your name and reservation to 520-260-8293 or the number listed on your booking. A representative will get back with you via text.


Cancellation Policies For Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, El TOUR


Christmas and New Years is our most popular season for booking. Unfortunately, we have to turn many cyclists away who need bikes. During our Christmas/New Years season of December 18 through Jan 4, customers must provide 20 days notice by text or email for cancellation. Customers will receive a refund minus 20 percent administrative fee. Bikes are in especially high demand during this time. Without the 20 days notice, no refund will be awarded. We sell out quickly for the holidays. There are no cancellations for bookings made during this time.


From December 17 through January 5, all bikes (road, hybrid, mountain, kids and tandem bikes) may be canceled with a refund minus a 20 percent administrative fee with TWENTY DAYS (20) days notice.


Thanksgiving Cancellation Policy:


For any bookings starting two days before Thanksgiving and bookings running through the weekend, 20 days notice must be given for a refund. There are no refunds given for bookings made during this time. ALL cancellations include the 20 percent restock/administrative fee.


El Tour de Tucson Cancellation Policy


Customers may cancel up to THIRTY DAYS (30) Before the start of El Tour de Tucson with only a 20 percent restock fee. THERE IS NO CANCELLATION REFUNDS FOR LESS THAN 30 DAYS NOTICE FOR El Tour de Tucson bookings for any reason.


Skinny tire Road Bike ONLY Cancellations February 15 through April 15 – 30 Day Notice Required


February 15 through April 15 is our HIGH season for all bikes – but namely skinny tire road bikes. Most sizes are normally sold out in advance because Tucson is a famous destination for the road bike tours. Booking in advance is highly recommended, but only book if you intend to ride.


For skinny tire road bikes – and only skinny tire economy, premium and WSD road bikes, you must provide by text a 30 DAY cancellation notice for any reservation to receive a refund minus the 20 percent administrative fee. THERE ARE NO SKINNY TIRE ROAD BIKE CANCELLATIONS FOR ANY RESERVATIONS MADE DURING THIS TIME PERIOD FOR ANY REASONS.


No Early Returns


There are no credits or refunds provided for early returns. Bikes that are scheduled as booked are prohibited from being rented by others.


Prices subject to change without notice


Rental bike pricing is subject to change without notice based on demand.


Mountain Bike/Honeybee Canyon Self Guided Tour Bad Weather Cancellation Policy


There are rare rainy days in Tucson and Oro Valley. We hold the right to cancel any mountain bike booking should we decide we do not want a bike out on the trail. In that case, a refund minus credit card fees will be given.


Late Returns


Late returns will be billed at the DAILY rate. Customers are responsible for their bikes and must treat their bikes as if they are their own. Lost, damaged or stolen bikes are billed at MSRP plus 10 percent.


We reserve the right to change policies without notice.