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Trip Planning

Click on the above link for our mandatory explainer video on where to park and how to get into the storage locker facility. This video will show you how to use the entry and exit pads to get into the storage facility.


The unemployed actor will tell you where to go ….Locker number …everything you need to know.


(Parking is at the Oscher school of lifelong learning….4485 N 1st Ave….. located in the Walmart shopping center. You can park anywhere there.)


And the video will also let you know what the unit Locker number is. It also explains not to contact storage staff for any reason as we have no relationship with the facility other than being tenants.


When you get a chance to take a picture of your driver’s license text it to me and I’ll give you the entry access and the combination locks passcodes.


To learn where to go biking on a loop go to this website here for interactive map and detail information..DO check out the detailed frequently asked questions page. great stuff about our incredible 130 mile car free bicycle path.




For detailed cycling routes and mountain bike trail information as well as more information on the Tucson Loop go to the Arizona Bicycle Association website… they have live webcams here and detailed information on Mount Lemmon.




You’re going to have a great time!