Tucson Bike Tours - Historic City Night Bicycle Tours| Guided
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Bicycle Tour Description


When the sun goes down the fun goes up on a lit up bike! You’ll experience all the fun, energy, history, and quirkiness that nighttime Tucson offers, including:


  • University of Arizona – While the sun is setting, check out the gorgeous campus. Hard to believe nobody wanted it.
  • Historic Miracle Mile – While the innovation of a divided highway no longer warrants much attention, vintage neon signs certainly do.
  • Speedway – Life Magazine’s “Ugliest street in America” in the 70’s. Arizona Highway’s “street of the year” in the 90’s. Debate who was correct over a delicious Banh Mi sandwich.
  • 4th Avenue – Pedal down Tucson’s liveliest street, past funky shops and bustling bars. For something more hands on, perhaps a round of pinball.
  • Downtown – Literally ride through historic buildings. Yes, we are using literally correctly!
  • Barrio Libre – Be free as you glide along the most tranquil narrow streets in the city.
  • Barrio Santa Rosa – Enjoy Sonoran street food next to Arizona’s largest mud adobe building.
  • Armory Park & Iron Horse – Home of a legendary diving lady and dive bar.


The tour includes an individually fitted bicycle with lights, helmet, reflective vest, water, and, of course, a safety-oriented and knowledgeable guide. The tour includes food. Typically it is a visit to Vietnamese and Mexican food trucks, but specific nightly offerings can vary.


The tour is approximately 11 miles on flat terrain and takes about 3 to 3½ hours.


Departure Time: Just before sunset (specific times listed in reservation system)


Differences by Night: For the liveliest atmosphere, join a Thursday through Saturday tour. For a more peaceful experience, choose Sunday through Wednesday.


Price: $65 per person. ($58.28 + ticket fee and taxes, which all licensed tours must pay)


Tucson City Tours and Guiding by → tucsonbiketours-smaillthumb

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