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El Tour de Tucson Bicycle Rentals Pickup/Return

“At a glance”


Tucson Bike Rentals

520-260-8293 TEXT



When texting us state your complete name on the reservation.

(If you are Canadian, please WhatsAPP us or download a free app  for free texting so you do not incur charges),


NOTE: You will be getting a text from 520-260-8293 several days before your reservation, confirming all details – bike, locker information etc. For any questions or assistance, the FASTEST and most efficient way to reach us is by text. Please text us a picture of your driver’s license or passport and we will be sending you over locker information a day before your scheduled pickup.




You can pickup your bike Wednesday and have one extra day no charge! Text us!


Welcome to the El Tour de Tucson!

Pickup/Return locations of rental bikes


We provide free helmets… but HIGHLY recommend you bring your own helmet.


Get ready to have a great time!


You will be picking up and returning your bikes at our Storequest Storage locker facility at 4555 N. First Avenue here in central Tucson ON 130 mile car-free bike loop system.


This locker facility is run by Storquest Storage. This location is about 12 minutes from the El Tour starting line, 22 minutes to TIA and is on the way if you are coming from Phoenix  – smack dab in the middle of Tucson.


Click on this link for directions…





Let us know the time you want for pickup, and your bike will be there as early as 5 AM.


For those staying in Oro Valley, we do have locker locations there. Let us know if you want pickup there.


General Procedure:


Your bike will be at a “holding bay” locker unit that we assign. After you text us a picture of your drivers license, we will give you the holding bay locker number and combination locker codes. Note that the units are double combo locked, but the pass code works for both bikes. Text a picture of your dirvers license to 520-307-4203.


Returning bikes


Return the bikes to the same place you picked up. ONCE YOU DROP OFF, TEXT us and you are ready to go. For those returning their bikes on the November 20, we want all bikes back by 8 PM. Text us if you are going to be later.


Text us at 520-307-4203 a picture of your drivers license or passport and will be issuing you the locker access the night before your pickup.


Returning your bikes after El Tour


Return the bikes to the same spot you got them from. You can pickup in Oro Valley and return to our central storage locker facility. Be SURE to text as at 520-307-4203 AFTER you drop off. Text us your name and location of drop.


Bicycle Deliveries to Hotels


We deliver bikes at no charge for El Tour rental clients to all Oro Valley and most central and downtown hotels – but not all. IF you are staying one of our approved hotels text us  and we can arrange for drop off.  WE DO NOT drop off to any low-end hotels on Stone Avenue or any dump hotels that we deem a security risk. 


Bike Rentals Etc….


* All road bikes will come with full repair kit, including mult-tool, cartridges, inflator and a tube. DO NOT bring any cartridges on your airplane!


TSA will confiscate them and cause you stress.


  • We do not provide any spec or custom fittings.
  • ALL BIKES come with full saddle repair kits and mult-tools.
  • ALL BIKES come with TWO water bottle cages – unless the bike is a 47 CM or smaller.
  • IF you put on your own pedals, you are responsible for damages if you thread the crank wrong. We provide FREE SPD road, SPD mtn and Look pedals. We do not provide Deltas or Speed play.


* All bikes come with flat resistant Gatorskin or Armadillo tires. Goat heads and cactus are EVERYWHERE on Tucson streets. These tires are very effective for flat protection.


* El Tour has many mechanics on the road if you need assistance.


Bike Pedals/Helmets


We provide SPD SL three bolt, road pedals, SPD MTN (2 bolt), Keo Look and flat pedals – no charge.

Helmets are included and available at the locker location – no charge.



Trip Planning/Routes/Cycling Info



This is the official site of the Arizona Bicycle Association. And this the authority site for routes, Mt. Lemmon, cycling route info for Tucson. They have live web cams and everything you need.


TucsonLoop.org – Friends of The Tucson Loop have great information about The Loop.


ThingsToDOINTucson.org – Great site for attractions.. where and what to do here in Tucson!


TucsonBikeRentals.org – has a fantastic trip planning and recommended routes section as well.


Be sure to come back to Tucson in the future. There are FAR better, safer and more scenic routes here in Southern Arizona to bike than what you will experience with El Tour. Check out BikeAZ.org for some of the best places to go. Tucson/Oro Valley, Arizona is the number one destination in North America for cyclists to retire and live.


Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in Tucson!