Center for Kumkuat reserach
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Quickie 1 Minute Explainer Video For Pickup

Pickup as early as 7 AM. Return by 6:30 PM. Gates are locked by 6:30 PM.

Use keypad to enter and return. DO NOT enter through side doors. Alarm can ring.

1) Google A Family Storage

8300 E Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ 85747

2) Park across the street

3) Enter code into pad

4) DRIVE through the gate after it opens. You CANNOT walk in or out of the facility using the side gate next to the office. You will get locked in.

5) DO NOT CONTACT STAFF OR ENTER OFFICE! We are only tennants and they cannot help.

Free parking across the street

6) After you go through the gate take a hard right go about 30 yards down keep your eyes peeled to the left look for Section H as in Harry. Go to Unit H 11… this will be 3 Doors up on the right hand side.

Section H as in Harry Unit 11

7) Use combo code given to you, turning the dial clockwise.

Full Suspension MTN bikes are
located in middle. Hardtails in the back left,
gravel bikes back right…road bikes immediate right.

8) YOU MUST use the keypad code when returning. NO ENTERING though side gate. That can trigger an alarm.

Directions to Fantasy Island

Getting to Fantasy Island Trail (South)

1) Leave storage

2) Take a right on Valencia go past Nexus Road, go past Vail Christian Church

3) Fantasy Island (South) Trailhead is to the LEFT.

4) Be sure to return bikes by 6:30 PM, 1 day rental late fee charged.

5) Have a GREAT TIME!

Fantasy Island South Entry is to the left, next to Tucson Loop Bike Path.



Avoid damage fees!

Take care of bikes AS IF THEY ARE YOUR OWN!


Bike Shop Nearby

Bens Bikes

7431 S Houghton Rd Suite #100

They have everything!