Fitness - Tucson Bike Rentals
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Bicycle pickup location

Google Anytime Fitness in Oro Valley.
11911 N 1st Ave, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Free parking in this plaza.


To the left of this building you will see a breezeway and a mailbox…. there are two lockers there. Bicycles will be located in the locker that we designate. We will give you the passcode after you text over your driver’s license.


This location is at the mouth of the hundred and thirty mile car free bike loop. Loop bicycle path is directly in front of Walgreens on Tangerine and 1st Avenue.


And there are many miles of bicycle along tangerine, going out towards Twin Peaks with more bicycle path going to The Loop.


Oro Valley is the greatest bicycling destination on Earth!

For additional cycling information.


Best Cycling Routes and Loop info..


Free maps

Look to the far-right navigational corner.