Honey Bee Mountain Bike Tours - Tucson Bike Rentals
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Mountain Bike Tucson! Mountain Bike Spectacular HoneyBee Canyon and Upper 50 Year Golder at Catalina State Park!


Daily self-guided mountain bike tours to HoneyBee Canyon and Upper 50 Year daily

as early as 6 AM! Book the day before. You pick the time.

The Best Self Guided Mountain
Biking Tours In Arizona!

Mountain bike historic, fast flowy, up an down HoneyBee Canyon Trailhead 16 mile loop
(or expand your ride to 35 miles and do Ridge Line) or take on the more advanced breath-taking Upper 50 Year Golder trail. Arizona’s two most scenic and popular mountain bike trails reside amidst the splendid Catalina Mountains in beautiful Northwest Tucson.


Rent, pickup mountain bikes at scenic HoneyBee Canyon!

Have a mountain biking experience from mild to wild. You pick! We pickup and deliver mountain bikes to both trails. Book a super light weight, high performance, fast Specialized Epic/Chisel mountain bikes for just $95. Add $25 for full suspsension. High-end front shock mountain bikes are the preferred bike of choice for HoneyBee Canyon.


Discover the best in Tucson mountain biking and take a journey on the trails of Hohokam Indians and walk where famous
Hollywood westerns were filmed.


Looking for the best and most invigorating “things to do” in Tucson for your family? Then discover real adventure and do a self guided mountain bike tour at HoneyBee Canyon and Upper 50 Year Golder Trail! Our self guided tours are great for families and corporate teambuilding!

Self Guided Daily Mountain Bike Tour:HoneyBee Canyon

Level of Challenge: Great for bikers of ALL levels and ages. Fast, fun, flowey, non technical – perfect for a beginner or accomplished riders looking for a fun non-technical, fast ride. This is the ultimate Arizona cross country, endurance mountain bike trail system.


Daily Tours: You pick the time as early as 6 AM.


HoneyBee Canyon 16 mile loop takes between 2 to 3 hours. Or go out as far as you like, and bike back. This is one of Arizona’s most scenic and popular mountain bike trails.

HoneyBee Canyon is Tucson’s best family friendly trail!

Your Tucson vacation experience is far from complete until you have discovered one of the most treasured, revered and invigorating trail systems in all of Arizona. HoneyBee Canyon is the most scenic, fast, fun, popular and special trail that mountain bikers of all levels enjoy. Enjoy moderate elevation gain on this well manicured and maintained mountain bike trail. This is an ideal trail for road bikers looking to get away from traffic who want to enjoy the sun and get a great workout.


Fun fact: The HoneyBee Canyon trail and mountain bike system has $2 million dollar homes and many of these residents are mountain bikers.

“Mountain Biking HoneyBee Canyon is an exhilerating mountain bike experience that will leave you wanting more.”
-Bicycling Magazine

Upper 50 Year Golder Trail Daily Mountain Bike Tour

Level of challenge: Intermediate to advanced. Beginners can handle this trail with good judgement and getting off of their bikes from time to time.


Daily Self-Guided Tours: By appointment as early as 6 AM.


Fun Fact: The Golder Upper 50 Year Trail system is so popular with mountain bikers, many top bikers from Phoenix and all over Arizona make mountain bike day trips just to enjoy this remarkable trail system.


The Upper 50 Year Golder trail system is one of Arizona’s most sought after “must do” mountain bike rides – and for good reason! This trail system offers mountain biking that is challenges intermediate to advanced riders. Beginners are welcome on this trail, but may choose to get off their bikes from time to time.


Discover some of Tucson’s best scenery with the spectacular Catalinas in the background. Feel the rush of the rapid, hair raising descent of the famous “chutes”. Upper 50 year offers mild to wild. Ideal bike is a high performance front shock bike. Lesser caliber and structurally challenged mountain bikers may prefer full suspension. Trailhead delivery is to the Catalina State Park. $3 entry fee required.

“Upper 50 Year is one of the most inspiring, challenging and incredible rides in all of Arizona.”
-USA Today