Tucson Hybrid| City| Road Bike Rentals| Rental E-Bikes Loop Bike Path
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Tucson’s Best Rental Hybrid, Open Road
and City Style Road Bikes

Daily Oro Valley/Tucson Loop pickup/return 6 AM to 10 PM!

Discover Tucson/Oro Valley road biking on our incredible selection of top of the line rental Giant, Trek, Specialized and Marin hybrid, city style road bikes. These rental bikes are outstanding for the casual rider, offering comfort oriented geometry as well as soft, comfortable seats.


We also offer high end Trek FX fitness style hybrid bikes that offer a more aggressive geometry with flat handlebars for those looking for more pedaling efficiency. Looking for an open road, hybrid bike with more aggressive tires? We also have the Marin San Rafael and Trek Verve line with tires designed for dirt roads. Tucson Bike Rentals is the road, mountain, hybrid, e-bike, gravel, kids, tandem rental bike leader of Arizona.


The Giant Cypress is a great hybrid for those who may
suffer “structural issues” and like and extra cushy seat.

Extra Cushy for the Tushy Hybrid Rentals Are Here!


And for those of you who want the ULTIMATE comfort, we offer extra cushy for the tushy hybrid bike rentals such as the Giant Cypress! These bikes are sooooooooper comfy on just the right part of ones body. They are so cushy, you will feel like you have a pillow under your tushy. Whether you have a skinny tushy, a fat tushy or just a tushy that needs a little more love, Tucson Bike Rentals has you covered!


Don’t get a flat! Rental bikes have flat resistant tires!


All hybrids and city style road bikes come with kevlar lines flat resistant tires and sealant filled tires.


Small women, kids hybrid bikes and more! We cater to the vertically challenged.


Last minute call-in bookings welcome. Delivery to our Northwest Oro Valley/Tucson Loop
location by appointment spot can done within the hour.


  • Rental bike pickup on the Tuscon Loop!
  • We offer rental racks with purchase of rental bikes!
  • Free rental pedals, helmets and maps
  • Big groups – no problem!
  • Advanced reservations are highly recommended
  • FREE Delivery to all Oro Valley Hotels/Resorts
  • Call for Tucson delivery fee options

Hybrid Bike Rental Rates


  • 1 Day – $59
  • 2 Days – $95
  • 3 Days $150


* Up to 7 Days $175
*10 Days $195


Call for long term rentals!


Pick up at at our by appointment location in North Tucson/Oro Valley.
Delivery and pickup can be arranged.


Meet At Starbucks At 1st Avenue And Oracle Road Next To The BEAUTIFUL Tucson/Oro Valley Loop Bike Path. We Pickup And Deliver Hybrid Bikes For Just $49 (Two Hour Rental) Or $59 All Day!

Extra cushy seats! Our Trek/Marin front shock bikes help with back and shoulder issues!


Comfy seat/upright rental bikes 
for physically challenged cyclists!

Our Giant Liv Womens and
Kids Rental Bikes  Perfect For The Loop


Great Womens WSD Rental Bikes

Marin San Rafael DS4


Marin Front Shock Rental Bikes

Rent Fast, Fun Trek FX2 Fitness Hybrids!


Fast Trek Fitness FX Rental Bikes

“We were looking for something adventurous and wow! We found it. We did both road biking and a mountain bike tour and my family loved it.”

John Grosh, Denver Colorado

“I took several of my staffers on a fantastic mountain bike experience near the Mexican border. The guides are real pros!”

Doctor James Lunney, Ottawa Canada‏

“America’s best biking destination is well served by Tucson Bike Rentals!”

“Impeccable service. Great carbon bikes. Trail head delivery is incredible.”
Cindy Winkleman, Director of Communications

“Tucson’s best maintained rental bikes, top brands and customer service.”