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1 Minute Explainer Video: where to park, how to get on and out

Parking Directions for Bike Pickup/Return 

  1. Pickup as early as 6 AM, return by 8:30 PM
  2. Follow directions exactly! BE SURE to use the Exit Pad!
  3. There are no bathrooms or drinking facilities on premises.

DO NOT APPROACH, CONTACT OR ENTER MANAGER’S OFFICE OR TALK TO STORAGE STAFF! THEY CONSIDER THIS HARASSMENT. Contact us for any help. We are only tennants. No bathrooms or water at storage.

Where to Park 

Park in back 4703 N. First Avenue
or anywhere you see an open spot.

Bike Pickup

4555 N. First Avenue, walk 1 block south to gate

(Walk past E Croyden Park Road) 

Type * sign, then numerical number, end with #
Example: *0000#

1) Take an IMMEDIATE LEFT walk past the Exit Pad on the right (to get out you will use the SAME entry code you used to get in).
2) Walk past the manager’s office on the left.

Take a left and walk past manager’s office.

3) Go to the unit inside of your text that will be on the left
4) Set and line the code we give you for the unit for both locks EXACTLY, turn the dial clockwise.

5) DON’T forget to use the Exit Pad ON THE WAY OUT!
6) Please follow directions. No contacting storage staff.

Use SAME entry code for the Exit Pad on way out.

Getting to The Loop!

Take a right going south on 1st Avenue. Walk past Brake Max. Loop is to the right.
* Go east for a beautiful view of the Rincons, Catalinas to the left. There are many restaurants, coffee shops and things to do. We love Ren Coffee House, Ren Bakery in the St Phillips Plaza. (Look for the Homewood suites on the left.)  Reforma is an upscale Mexican restaurant bar/ restaurant in The St. Phillips Plaza.
OR, go west and head to beautiful Oro Valley. Top Golf, Legends Restaurant (Located in the Omni Resort) are great places to dine. Oro Valley Marketplace has a plethora of great restaurants.
* KEEP YOU EYES on your bikes at all times. You are responsible for your bikes. Thieves are on the prowl!


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