Le Buzz Caffe - Coffee is mandatory when cycling Mount Lemon - Tucson Bike Rentals
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Le Buzz Caffe – Coffee is mandatory when cycling Mount Lemon

There is nothing like getting some great mocha before Mount Lemon adventure. You know you need it and a great cafe can really help put you in great spirits.

Le Buzz is the official stop of Tucson road bikers and cyclists.lebuzz

There may no better cafe – and cycling friendly establishment – than Le Buzz in the Madera Village on Tanque Verde Road. The coffee is tasty and the food is incredible. Just go there any time and you will see every cyclist from the local amateur to the full blow, sponsored, juiced up professional. They start here, meet here and dine here.

Well, and since I am a coffee nerd, their black is just, well, awesome.

Their Turkey Avocado – an oven-roasted turkey with fresh avocado, red onion, tomato, lettuce, provolone, mayo and a hint of whole grain mustard – is my favorite. You really to bring a great sandwich with you if you are going to make it to the top.

When I take my clients on a trip up Lemon, this is where we start. And who knows, maybe you will rub elbows with a celebrity cyclist.



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