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HoneyBee Canyon Rail X Pickup Information


Google Long Realty – Golder Ranch
15250 N Oracle Rd #110, Tucson, AZ

Long Realty located in The Golder Ranch Plaza

This is our temporary location spot while construction is going on, preventing us from using the south entrance to HoneyBee Canyon. We normally use bicycle lockers.


Park anywhere you like you will see bike racks on the east side corner. Your bikes will be U-Locked. PLEASE when you return U-LOCK THE BIKES JUST LIKE WE LOCKED THEM UP. WE WANT THE FRAME LOCKED TO THE RACK WITH THE WHEELSETS U-LOCKED AS WELL. Lock up the helmets as well thru the u lock.


Important: Text us once you have finished riding. We then pickup the bikes.

Take a right here going towards the church

Getting to The HoneyBee
The trail entrance starts at the
Vista de la Montana United Methodist Church
3001 E Miravista Ln. See photo.


Getting there from Long Realty/Bashas Plaza – EASY


1) Walk your bike to the corner of East Golder Ranch Drive and Oracle Road. There is a convenience store there. Walk your bike across the street at the stop light and proceed to the wide bike lane.


2) Take a left, go south about 300 yards in the bike lane to 3001 E Miravista Lane. (You will see an American flag and a dirt parking lot that other bikers use on the right. Take a right. See photo.


3) Bike down the paved road. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for the entry sign about 400 to 500 yards on the left. If you make it to the church, you went too far. See photo.


4) Activate your All Trails or MTB Projects GPS application for step by step directions. NOTE: This is an easy to follow trail BUT it IS State Trust land and they do not allow signage.

This entrance will merge into the Honeybee Canyon Trail system.


5) Return bikes to same spot. LOCKUP AND TEXT US! ENJOY the most beautiful trail in Arizona!

KEEP EYES PEELED for this entry point. Take a left. This is the Rail X side to HoneyBee Canyon that will merge into the 16 mile loop ride.