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Rental Road, Hybrid, Mountain Bikes, Tandem Bikes

Staying awhile? More than 10 days? We rent long term bike rentals starting at just $195. 

Comfort/Fitness Style Hybrid/
Transportation Bike Rentals

Rent Marin, Giant, Specialized hybrid style bikes for just $195 for up to 30 days or $205 for 90 days (if you need longer, just ask) Text us at 520-260-8293!

Rental Long Term Carbon/
Economy Road Bikes

Rent Marin, Giant, Trek Specialized carbon rim break (105, Ultegra) road bikes on long term starting at just $400. Economy aluminum road bikes can be rented long term starting at just $250. Rates and length depend on our availability. Text us at 520-260-8293.

Rental Long Term Mountain and Tandem Bikes

We also rent hard tail/front shock mountain and tandems for long term. Rates depend on availability. Text us at 520-260-8293!