Mountain Biking Green Valley, Arizona - West Desert Preserve
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Mountain Bike Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate (2B-3B)


Special Note: A fantastic, Fantasy-Island type trail near Green Valley. A State Trust Land permit is required.


  1. West Desert – Detailed PD Trail Map
  2. West Desert Map Overview
  3. West Desert Preserve Parking


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Mountain Biking Green Valley

Mountain Biking Green Valley: Some cool twisty turns await.

The West Desert Preserve Trails

The West Desert Preserve Trails is very scenic.


What The Bike Bandit Says…


“This is Green Valley’s version of Tucson’s Fantasy Island. This is an awesome beginner friendly mountain biking area that features incredible desert beauty. You will enjoy some good narrow single track without a tremendous amount of climbing. While they say a permit is required, no one bothers.”


Jason, The Bike Bandit Jason, The Bike Bandit


Green Valley Arizona’s Mountain Bike Park


Known by many Green Valley and Southern Arizona mountain bikers, as the diet version of Fantasy Island, The West Desert Preserve Trails are located on a 2000 acre area to the west of Green Valley. The property is now owned by the Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold and some of the property is used for groundwater extraction wells and related infrastructure. The trails traversing the area vary in length and difficulty and comprise power line roads, ranching roads, and single-track hiking and mountain biking trails. Many locals love hiking this area and walking theirs dogs.


Green Valley’s West Desert Preserve – Tight Turns, Great Views


The trails provide incredible views of the Santa Rita Mountains and the valleys below. Most of the trails are level but a few rocky ups and downs will interest you. And you will get good practice on several tight sandy turns. The southern portion is particularly inviting to newer riders as it is mostly flat and includes interesting scenery. Take the time to explore the pristine area with your bike or on your feet. A unique feature of the area is the almost one hundred pineapple cacti that are resident. Most locals avoid The West Desert Preserve during the summer months as the area is very snake infested. The local fire department relocates captured snakes to this area of town.


Permits to access the area are required, are free, and need not be carried with you.


Directions: From Tucson, head South on Interstate-19 toward Nogales for 20-miles or so. Take a right on Exit 69 for Duval Mine Road and go west past La Canada Road (traffic signal at intersection) for 1.8 miles. Open the gate on your left to the main trailhead.


Google Map – West Desert Preserve South Trails



Google Map – West Desert Preserve North Trails


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