West Silverbells Mountain Biking Trails| Tucson, Arizona
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West Silverbells Trails – Tucson, Arizona Photos


What The Bike Bandit Says…


“West Silverbells Trail is a mountain bike trail that does not get a lot of use. A apart of the Ironwood National Monument, you will discover that this is all jeep road. Riding in the Ironwood National Monument is not legal. However, I have done it many times and no one says anthing.”


Jason, The Bike Bandit Jason, The Bike Bandit


TUCSON, Arizona – Mountain Biking – This is quite possibly the Sonoran Desert at its very best. Those of us who love the desert love mountain biking this trail.


This mountain bike ride is good for all abilities and is not technically challenging. West Silverbells Trail is all jeep road, but has a surprising effect on the legs by the time you are finished. It’s hillier than it looks. If you go and it’s warm, bring plenty of water. This is a hot ride in more ways than one, best enjoyed when temperatures are 80 or lower.


There is plenty of cow trail “singletrack” but be warned, mountain bike riding is not legal in the monument. There are plenty of side roads for you to mountain bike. And, yes, the scenery is incredible.


Directions to West Silverbells Mountain Bike Trails – Tucson, Arizona


Directions: Take Avra Valley Road west from I-10, and set your trip odometer to zero. You will pass the Marana Regional Airport (which has a nice coffee shop) and a last-chance market at Anway Road (which has great home-made chocolate chip cookies). At mile 19.9 turn left on the road to Red Rock, and If you miss it and go straight you will end up at the Silverbell Mine. This is a dirt road that has some nasty wash crossings, and they can be problematic for low clearance vehicles at times. The trailhead is at the cemetery.


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Tucson Bike Rentals and Tours delivers and picks up mountain bikes at West Silverbells. There is a two rider minimum delivery. Bike for 1 to 5 hours, finish riding and we pick up the bikes! No need to worry about loading mountain bikes in your rental car! Price is generally $100 per bike – depending on location of trailhead. Don’t know where to ride? Tucson Bike Rentals and Tours can tell you the rides that are beginner, intermediate to advanced. We deliver mountain bikes to Tucson, Oro Valley, Green Vallley and the Southern, Arizona area. We rent top of the line full suspension and hard tailed mountain bikes.

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