Open Road/Gravel/Cyclocross - Tucson Bike Rentals
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Discover Tucson/Southern Arizona Spectacular Open Road/Gravel/Cyclocross Road Biking

Rent high-end carbon open road bikes that are great for pavement or gravel!

Pickup night before or as early as 5 AM at either our Oro Valley or Central Tucson Loop locker locations by appointment.
Tucson and Southern Arizona is the world’s greatest open road/gravel/cyclocross. We have hundreds of miles of open road/travel service roads that appeal to cyclists of all levels. Be free and be safe! Southern Arizona and Tucson service roads are nearly traffic free, beautiful and many of these roads offer the most spectacular western scenery. We rent, pickup, deliver top new Specialized, Trek and KHS carbon Diverge, KHS and Trek Boone gravel and open road bikes. Don’t get a flat! All of our gravel and open road bikes are tubeless with high end tires that are extra grippy. Tackle 26 miles of incredible climb on the backside of Mount Lemmon or discover roads and scenery featured in Hollywood Old West films north of Oro Valley, Patagonia Arizona and more!


Rent High-End- Tubeless Carbon Gravel/Open Road/Cyclocross Bikes

Challenge the best dirt and gravel roads in Oro Valley/Tucson/Southern Arizona with our NO-FLAT tubeless tire, carbon KHS, Speciaized and Trek gravel bikes.

  • 1 Day $105 per day
  • 2 Day $95 per day
  • 3 Day $75 per day
  • 4 Day $280
  • 5 Day $295
  • 6 to 7 Days $325 for the week


Free pickup and deliver to Oro Valley hotels and resorts.

Gravel/Road Biking Patagonia Arizona


Mountain/Gravel Biking Reddington Pass


Gravel Bike Mount Lemmon Control Road!

Traffic free and more scenic than the road bike side