Mount Lemmon Bike Rentals in Tucson| Lemmon Crusher Bicycle Rentals
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Crush The Lemmon! Lemmon Crusher Bicycle Rentals

Pickup as early as 6 AM or night before. Free delivery to all Oro Valley hotels!

Ready to cycle Mt. Lemmon? Tucson Bike Rentals rents top of the line “Lemmon Crusher” road bike rentals that are ideal for climbing the top Tucson cycling climb rides. We offer Trek Emonda and Specialized Tarmac racing geometry lemmon rental bikes. And for those needing an extra boost, we carry a line of Specialized Roubaix with Ultegra 34T on the cassette! Take on Arizona’s top cycling climb rides with the help of Tucson Bike Rentals! Book online or call/text us at 520-260-8293

Mount Lemmon Bicycle Rentals

Lemmon Cycling With “Lemmon Crusher” Bike Rentals

Specialized Roubaix Comp

Ultegra/34t Bike Rental

Specialized Tarmac

Racing Road Bike

Lightest weight rental

Trek Emonda

Racing Rental Road Bikes

Carbon 32T/Disc Brake

Women’s Specific (WSD) Lemmon Crushers!

Chicks crush Lemmon! We rent top womens road bikes sizes 45 to 52!

Tucson Bike Rentals is Arizona’s leading womens road bike rental player, offering very popular Specialized Ruby and Amira. We even offer a carbon womens Kuota size 45 and a womens aluminum Lexi size 47. We cater to women and kids for hybrid, road, electric bikes and mountain bikes.

Specialized Womens Amira Comp

Lightweight Rental Road Bike

Specialized Ruby (WSD) Womens

Fast 105 Rental Bike

Specialized Ruby Comp

Lightweight Ultegra WSD Rental

Mt. Lemmon Crusher Bike Rentals

Carbon 105/Ultegra or Equivalent Road Bikes
Specialized and Trek Road Bike Rentals
Specialized Roubaix, Trek Domane SL 6 Ultegra, Specialized Tarmac rental bikes
*Lemmon Rental Bikes come with flat resistant tires with the exception of Trek Emondas.

  • 1 Day $95 per day
  • 2 Day $80 per day
  • 3 Day $75 per day
  • 4 Day $70 per day
  • 5 Day $60 per day
  • 7 Day $325
  • 10 Day $350


When booking a Lemmon bike rental, please state the type of bike you want in the comments/notes section after you fill out your credit card information.

All rentals come with flat protected Gatorskin tires!

    • Early bicycle rental pickup: pickup rental bikes as early as 7 PM the day before!


    • Pickup as early as 6AM. Return as late as 10pm.


    • We offer bicycle rental racks – no charge. We recommend small SUV rentals.


    • FREE pickup/delivery to all ORO Valley hotels and resorts


    • FREE pickup/delivery to Tucson/Oro Valley Loop Bike Path


    • Pickup/Delivery to Tucson hotels/residences for additional change.


    • Text us for advice! You will have a personal concierge guide on call.


    • FREE download maps! $10 value.


    • Full saddle repair kit.


    • All rentals come with flat protected Gatorskin tires!


High End Full Carbon

Road Bike Rentals

Carbon 105/Ultegra or Equivalent Road Bikes
Specialized Roubaix, Trek Domane SL 6 Ultegra, Specailized Tarmac rental bikes
*All bikes come with Gatorskin flat resistant tires

  • 1 Day $95 per day
  • 2 Day $80 per day
  • 3 Day $75 per day
  • 4 Day $70 per day
  • 5 Day $60 per day
  • 7 Day $325 
  • 10 Day $350 

High End Economy

Road Bicycle Rentals

Looking for a fun, skinny tire road bike for The Loop bike path at a great value? Our Specialized and KHS economy aluminum bikes with carbon forks are just for you!
Aluminum Road Bikes with Carbon Forks Specialized Allex, Trek, KHS or equivalent
*All economy road bicycle rentals come with Gatorskin flat resistant tires

  • 1 Day $65 per day
  • 2 Day $60 per day
  • 3 Day $55 per day
  • 4 to 5 Days $40 per day
  • 7 Day $225
  • 10 Day $250
  • 30 Day $295

Tucson’s Rental Fleet With Flat Protection

Arizona is loaded with goat heads! You can’t see them. Our Gatorskins are the solution!

Don’t get stuck! Tucson has many goatheads and cactus on the street. Our bikes come with flat resistant Gatorskin tires!

“We were looking for something adventurous and wow! We found it. We did both road biking and a mountain bike tour and my family loved it.”

John Grosh, Denver Colorado

“I took several of my staffers on a fantastic mountain bike experience near the Mexican border. The guides are real pros!”

Doctor James Lunney, Ottawa Canada‏

Cycling Mt. Lemmon by The Arizona Bicycle Association

Tips On Biking Mt. Lemmon!

Water stops, rental bikes, what to carry.

Guide To Road Biking Mt. Lemmon

Everything you need to know

“at a glance”

Mt. Lemmon Bicycle Rentals

Don’t ship! Rent Specialized,

Trek road bikes.

“America’s best biking destination is well served by Tucson Bike Rentals!”

“Impeccable service. Great carbon bikes. Trail head delivery is incredible.”
Cindy Winkleman, Director of Communications

“Tucson’s best maintained rental bikes, top brands and customer service.”

Best Tucson Road/Cycling In Oro Valley/Tucson by