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Road Bike Tucson’s Old West

Bike Amado to Arivaca to Sasabe

Start: Amado, Arizona at the Cow Palace Steak Restaurant and Bar

Finish: The Gadsden Coffee Shop, Arivaca (48 miles round trip) or Sasabe, Arizona (98 mile round trip)

When: Only on Saturday and Sunday mornings early

Amado, Arizona – Southern Arizona and the Tucson, Green Valley/Tubac/Nogales/Patagonia area has a wealth of great road and mountain biking opportunities. There is no place in the world that offers better road and mountain biking than Southern, Arizona – specifically South of Green Valley. Road bikers love our area. We have a tremendous selection of very safe riding, challenging hill climbs and incredible scenic riding. Most importantly, road biking in our area is a lot safer than biking in Tucson.

Great views await you on your way to Arivaca


Run To the Border! Amado, Arizona to Arivaca and the Gadsden Coffee Shop (48 miles) Or Go to Sasabe (98-100 miles)

This is a 48 mile round trip ride. Or ride all the way to Sasabe, Arizona – right on the border. No crossing into Mexico without a permit! This road has no shoulders. It is a very safe road on the weekends as there is very little traffic. From Arivaca to Sasabe, there is almost NO traffic. You may see several cars there and back – and most of them will be border patrol. This portion of the ride is safe – and secenic – at any time of the day or week.


Great Coffee in Arivaca at The Gadsden Coffee Shop!

Gadsden Coffee is home for bikers of all makes and models

Gadsden Coffee is home for bikers of all makes and models


This is not only one of the greatest bike rides in Arizona, it is one of the epic rides in all of the USA. This is one of the rides that our clients love and desire the most. You start in Amado, and bike 23 miles through winding roads, observing the scenic “Old West”. Mountains off on the yonder, a splendid road under your tires – you climb 2,000 plus feet on your way to the famous Gadsden Coffee Shop – the greatest coffee shop in Arizona! OH….if you are a coffee lover, you are in for a treat! A place that looks and feels like it is from the 1800s, you will hang with ranchers, hippies and various locals, sitting in a patio while tasting their incredible brew and enjoying a tasty breakfast. Gadsden Coffee is worth the ride!

And don’t stop there! Bike on through the tiny downtown of Arivaca and follow the the sign that says “Sasabe”. You will have have 24 more miles of biking on generally decent roads with almost no traffic. Re-charge your batteries at the small Sasabe grocery market and feel free to go half a mile more to the border. (If you are lucky, the Sasabe Market has a bar in the back and they may serve you)

When you head back to Arivaca, go past Gadsen Coffee, and take your first right and cruise into Sweet Peas restaurant. Have a great lunch or dinner and grab a beer …..or enjoy some more Gadsden coffee. Drive several more miles down the road, come back and head back to Amado. You will have done a century ride! And this IS the greatest ride in Arizona.

Take I-19 to Amado and park at the Cow Palace.



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  • Steve H
    Posted at 23:36h, 05 June Reply

    Google says the Gadsden Coffee shop is permanently closed… bummer.

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