Gates Pass McCain Loop Bike Ride or better know as “The Tuesday Group Ride” – Tucson, Arizona - Tucson Bike Rentals
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Dificulty: Hard

Average time: 0.0833333333333333

Ride Mileage: 21 to 40 miles

Climbing Elevation: 1500

Type of ride: Climb

Road/Mountain: Road


Gates Pass McCain Loop Bike Ride in Tucson, Az Rocks!


In Tucson everyone is always talking about the Shootout as the best group bike ride, which it is. But there is another group ride in Tucson called “The Tuesday Ride” which, in my opinion, is harder.


If you want to get in shape fast do both The Tuesday Ride and the Shootout.


Gates Pass McCain Loop Bike Ride know as “The Tuesday Ride” is short and fast! This ride has a little of everything: flats, rollers, and a short killer climb. The short killer climb goes over the back side of Gates Pass.


The ride starts from University and Park on Tuesday mornings. The ride start time varies from 6 AM in the summer, 7:00 AM in the spring and fall, and 7:30 AM in the winter.


Check out the profile blow at about mile 24. That is the back side of Gates Pass. Have fun!

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