Tandem Bicycle Rentals|Oro Valley|Rent a tandem bike in Tucson!
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Tandem Bicycle Rentals in Oro Valley / Tucson
Discover Oro Valley On a Tandem!

Tandem Bicycle Rentals for pickup only at our Oro Valley location (no delivery)
We are Tucson’s ONLY bike rentals company offering a tandem!

Specs and Rates

Specs: 20″ (front) 16″ (back)

  • $95 per day, $395 per week
  • Pick up ONLY at our Oro Valley pick up location. No delivery offered.


Our Fleet Offers Flat Protection


Arizona is loaded with goatheads. Our double sidewalled tires and sealant tubes help against flats!

Avoid flats on the trail! Most of our mountain bikes come with double sidewalled protected tires with tire sealant.


“We were looking for something adventurous and wow! We found it. We did both road biking and a mountain bike tour and my family loved it.”

John Grosh, Denver Colorado


“I took several of my staffers on a fantastic mountain bike experience near the Mexican border. The guides are real pros!”

Doctor James Lunney, Ottawa Canada

Tucson Heather Lowe is one of the state’s top road and mountain bike guides.

Jason Gives You The Skinny About What We do!